Online website design tools for startup companies:

Branding require professionalism, good amount of money and time.

As you are aware, website is a mixture of many things, such as, Logo, domains, hosting server, Emails, SSL certificates, Cyber security tool, web services,

graphics,microsoft office products and so on. Every tool needs you to open an account and handle your account and integrate product and services based on your requirements, So , eventuually, you will have to search and shop around for every single product and services. In modern days, you have been gifted by technology companies. AI experts with online design and development websites, such as godaddy, BBluehost,hostgator, 6Ddesigns and so on. So, No need for you to run around different web portals for different services.

They are very useful when you

  1. Have you have some IT knowledge, you know what you want.
  2. Having good time but running on budget. It is very cost effective.
  3. have some ideas and your website designer unable to understand and design what you want
  4. want to run trial run, instead of investing heavily on design, you will rent for few months and see the response
  5. want to create mock up for bigger project
  6. avail all products under one roof
  7. No need for you to open and maintain so many accounts, just one account with one of the market place
  8. less time and want to wrap up quickly


In the market place of web services, these are the following 6 services, avaliable to use under one account.

  1. Domains: Under this section you can search and register domin for your website/ email, renew the domain and so on.
  2. Websites: Under this section you can choose online website builder of your choice.
  3. Hosting: Facilitate you with choosing hosting of your choice, be it shared, Virtual server or dedicated server, Linex server,Microsoft server and so on.
  4. Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting for your server, so that it can lightning fast and avaliable to you across globe./li>
  5. Email Server : Have email server at very cost effective price./li>
  6. SSL certificates: In 2019, for website security, and SEO, it is good to buy SSL certificates./li>

    What are the other benefits of using market place?

    Usually, everyone need atleast 2-3 services to be online. By uisng this type of web service market places, you will find all your services under one roof and enjoy Combo and offers. You can find lots of combos and offers which cannot get in any other place.